High School

30 years educating for excellence

We are Icfes A + Very Superior and Ibero-American Award for educational excellence

High School

In this section, most of the students who started their preschool process culminate their school life, being fundamental the generation of spaces to share their experiences and discover their interests which will mark their future life.

The intentionality of this section of our school is the development of categorical thinking through intentional pedagogical actions that allow critical human beings, aware of their reality, autonomous, competent, responsible and committed innovators.

Our students find the opportunity to be creative, to solve difficulties, within a demanding environment not only academic but also to experience standards that allow the development of the person according to the current world.

The area of English and French in high school is idealized to ensure the development of communication skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening) to strengthen all the knowledge they have acquired at the pre-school and primary school levels.

In this stage, young people are trained to face the university challenges. The students can begin their studies at the University and are prepared for the state tests and international exams. They can determine if the chosen career is the one they really want for their future.

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

We train and develop excellent students and and human beings. 

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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