Eisenhower School

  • We are excellent students and human beings. There is no use for academic excellence without values.
  • We provide the necessary time to each of our children to exploit all the strengths that each one of them has.
  • We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thinking processes with an analysis of the different topics covered.

What makes us different

Quiet atmosphere

Calm environment for your children, surrounded by a healthy student coexistence

Quality of life

Improvement of the quality of life of our students by being a fundamental part of an exclusive group.

Development of Strengths and abilities

Development of Strengths and abilities not only academic but of the Human Being.

Innovation Vs Creativity

Neuro-educational projects of Innovation Vs Creatividad.

About us

The Eisenhower School is a Trilingual educative center (English – Spanish, French), of private character, dedicated to the educative growth of the student, by means of teachers who motivate with flexible processes, a horizontal and participating organization where the values and the needs of the children are important, and where class discrimination does not exist. 

 The Eisenhower School is an educative center, oriented like that great initial society where the people integrate a pleasing atmosphere that contributes to great experiences, pleasant memories to the social development of the individual. 

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Preschool education

The school EISENHOWER has special interest for its preschool section, we conceive childhood as a very important and unique stage that gives the child the foundations for his adult life; In this stage skills are developed and the necessary learning to be leaders is strengthened, to reinforce their skills and the transfer of given concepts are applied correctly in their future life.


Basic Primary Education

La intención de la primaria es adquirir herramientas de conocimiento que permitan la transición del pensamiento proposicional al conceptual y así desarrollar todas sus habilidades y habilidades en diferentes áreas como inglés, música, danza, lenguaje corporal, investigación, matemáticas y las áreas de ciencias naturales.



Basic Secondary Education

In this section, most of the students who started their preschool process culminate their school life, being fundamental the generation of spaces to share their experiences and discover their interests which will mark their future life. The intentionality of this section of our school is the development of categorial thinking through intentional pedagogical actions that allow critical human beings, aware of their reality, autonomous, competent, responsible and committed innovators. Our students find the opportunity to be creative, to solve difficulties, within a demanding environment not only academic but also to experience standards that allow the development of the person according to the current world.

Vocational Media

We develop the skills of our future graduates through our agreements and strategic alliances with universities and international schools with the University Immersion Program and the International Cultural Exchange Program; tools that open the doors to the world.



30 years educating for excellence

Why the Eisenhower School?

  • Multilingual school (English, French, Spanish and computer programming language)
  • Limited places per classroom
  • ICFES very superior level
  • Exchange programs
  • University immersion
  • Extracurricular classes
  • Country seat

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

Meet our School

Visit our galleries and know all our activities, students, and institution. Discover how we achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thinking processes with an analysis of the different topics.

Mrs. Rector Maria Elena what the Eisenhower School means.

Juana Londoño, “what it means Become a part of this family. “

A message from Olga Parada, a teacher at our school.

We train and develop excellent students and human beings

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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