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Map of processes of the SGC o Eisenhower School

The aim to assure the development the principles of the quality in the institution, the School adopts the approach by processes to give to fulfillment to the requirements and defines for its system of management, the following key processes:

Visual processes: They are the processes that they lead, their directional and their orient of the implementation of the SGC and assure the fulfillment a service of quality. They provide directives to all the other processes. Also they are called Strategic or directive. The visual process of the School is Pedagogical, Administrative Management and Planning.

Missionary processes: They are the processes that interact to fulfill the institutional mission. They have the characteristic of being critics because they express the reason of being of the educative service that gives the community. Also they are called Key. The missionary processes of the School are: Educative pastoral and Pedagogical Management, which contains the activities of Curricular Planning, Curricular Implementation and Evaluation of the knowledge.

Process of support: They are the processes of administrative type that support the S.G.C. They are essential in the availability of resources for the SGC, giving support to all the processes to assure the fulfillment quality. Also they are called of Support. The processes of support of the School are: Well-being of Students, Human Talent, Management of the Physical Resources and Management of the Quality.

Excellent Aspects

  • The physical infrastructure, which is coherent with the requirements of the organization and the educative community. 
  •  The structuring of the registries that facilitate the pursuit to the yield of the students, by each one of the subjects and courses.
  • The personal pursuit that becomes each boy.
  • The compilation and distribution of the detailed indicators of profits to professors and student, by courses, in such a way that one facilitates the planning, pursuit and control by each one of the parts.
  • Methodology applied to facilitate development of revision by direction, which allows demonstrating the totality of the aspects that are required with the respective supports, including the plan of management of the quality of the school.
  • The developed application of computer science in the school, which facilitates the management of the SGC.
  • The pastoral activity realized with the students and parents of family to look for one better quality of life.
  • The different projects from coexistence, direction of group, education for the love, oriented to the fortification of the relations school-family to facilitate integration and a good labor climate.

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

We train and develop excellent students and and human beings. 

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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