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Somos Icfes A+ Muy Superior y Premio Iberoamericano a la excelencia educativa


Concerned about the integral development of our students, our main objective is the formation of solid values where our students are capable of facing the accelerated world of today.

Our primary section has an immersion program in current bilingualism where English is considered as the key to success, also starting in fifth grade of primary school we start with French as a third language based on the current development of the world modern imposes the need to speak at least two languages where the student is opened the doors to a world of infinite opportunities both professional and educational.

Aware that nowadays it is essential to forge in students a culture in the knowledge of computing and telecommunications, our school allows them to develop skills and abilities in these areas, through the development of different projects.

The intention of the elementary school is to acquire knowledge instruments that allow the transition from propositional to conceptual thinking and thus develop all their abilities and skills in different areas such as English, music, dance, body language, research, mathematics, and the areas of natural Science.

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

We train and develop excellent students and and human beings. 

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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