Historical Review

The Eisenhower School is an educational center, oriented as that great initial society where the people who make it live a pleasant atmosphere that brings great experiences pleasant memories to the social development of the individual.

Historical Review

Eisenhower School, arises as a result of diagnosis from needs, weaknesses, knowledge and skills, that exists in different types of institutions. That children take care in age of pre-school, and truly of educative character where one becomes qualified the children, like fundamental stage in the life of the minor, so that it can get to assume its primary basic education, average and superior, since this is the foundation of the good student and good citizen, because the best way to learn is to begin early and the good student is not born becomes.

The Eisenhower School is a Trilingual educative center (English – Spanish, French), of private character, dedicated to the educative growth of the student, by means of teachers who motivate with flexible processes, a horizontal and participating organization where the values and the needs of the children are important, and where class discrimination does not exist.

Historical Review

The Eisenhower School is an educative center, oriented like that great initial society where the people integrate a pleasing atmosphere that contributes to great experiences, pleasant memories to the social development of the individual.

In the SCHOOL all society it must put in practice all the virtues that later have to develop in their adult life. The association of the parents of family in correlation with the administration of the institution must be opportune for the practice of the principles and norms established by the same. The parents will know to take advantage of that scholastic society to instill in their children feelings of affection, tolerance and coexistence, of brotherhood and in aim all those virtues that are going to be indispensable to the boy when it assumes other rolls in Basic Primary or Basic Secondary. The philosophy that inspires our institution characterizes by: The vision of the education like permanent process that supposes the acquisition of the capacity of ” come to learn, leave to serve”.

We think that the scholastic stage is the time in which structures, a series of habits and abilities, becomes progressively conscious of its own possibilities by virtue of which educating, and enriches in such a way they allow a suitable social interrelation, adopting objectives and acting with initiative and effectiveness.

The philosophy that inspires our institution is characterized by:

  • The vision of education as a permanent process that involves the acquisition of the ability to “Learn to Learn”.

  • We think that the school stage is the epoch in which a series of habits and abilities are structured in virtue of which the learner becomes progressively aware of their own possibilities, exercises and enriches them in such a way that they allow an adequate social interrelation, adopting objective criteria against the facts and acting with initiative and effectiveness.
  • Within the conception of the discipline is based on respect for oneself and others, not as an end but as an instrument that translates into an environment of order and responsibility.

  • We want interpersonal communication to be one of the characteristics of the community: that all of us be recognized, respected and listened to and that based on our rights, we should prioritize the fulfillment of our obligations and responsibilities. And directed with an innovative pedagogy, personalizing and renovating.

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Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

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