30 years educating for excellence

We are Icfes A + Very Superior and Ibero-American Award for educational excellence


The school EISENHOWER has special interest for its preschool section, we conceive childhood as a very important and unique stage that gives the child the foundations for his adult life; In this stage skills are developed and the necessary learning to be leaders is strengthened, to reinforce their skills and the transfer of given concepts are applied correctly in their future life.

Our education in preschool is governed by a curriculum designed and implemented to start with the bilingual system without neglecting their mother tongue, within our curricular design the plan responds to the demands of and needs of the current child, stimulating in the student the observation , the reflection thus achieving to develop the different spheres of knowledge from cognitive, social, affective, communicative, motor, all this within a rural infrastructure, with suitable sites for its development, such as the orchard, the music area , computer science, language laboratory, dances among others.

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

We train and develop excellent students and and human beings. 

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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