Mission and Vision

30 years educating for excellence

We are Icfes A + Very Superior and Ibero-American Award for educational excellence

Our Mission and Vision


Eisenhower school is an educative center Multi-Bilingual – English – Spanish – French, of privet character, dedicated to the educative growth of the student, by teachers who motivate, with flexible processes, with a horizontal and participating organization, where the values and the needs of the children are important and where discrimination of classes does not exist. They thus manage to be motor of change in human transformations, with organizational and technological methods that the country requires and consequently they manage to reach its goals and their integral accomplishment.

The mission of the Eisenhower School is to form completely the person within a style Eisenhowerista with a vision of the world and the knowledge it is committed in the transformation of the society. “Enters To learn leaves To serve”.


The aims and objectives are focus in the solution of problems like fundamental vision; obtaining in our students, a formation who transmit suitable landlords of behavior and in addition offering to all, the opportunities to carry out a work worthy, by means of a legacy of knowhow, of an efficient and early form, without mattering, that type of studies or professions wants to realize in the future.

The Eisenhower School will be characterized for being academic community in innovating education through the New Technologies of the Information and the Communications, credited by its quality in the human formation. He will be leader in pedagogical innovation of values, customized education and scientific formation so that in the construction of a project of new nation it contributes to the society managing youth of a right and fraternal country with modern vision of development.


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Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

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