Process of Admissions

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Process of  Admission

The process of admissions of new students is focused to guide the interested families, on the steps that must follow and fulfill for the entailment to the Institution, as well as to opportunely complete suitably and the necessary requirements for its enter to the Institution.

The School informs the dates for the informative meeting to the Parents of Family for the admissions to the different degrees.

The interested families must contact themselves by telephone with the Office of Admissions to ask for their appointment.

In the informative meeting, the family and the parents will set out their expectations, restlessness and doubts on the education of their children and the Institution would explain the methodology, pedagogy and philosophy of the School, will become a route by the Facilities and will be able to have a more direct contact with the students and their development and academic and integral progress, reason for which meetings are in the class schedules of the students.

Please contact on the phone. 8661877, mobiles 3158980792 – 300 6306915, for more information on admissions.

New Families

  • Complete the form for an advisor to contact you to tell you about the most important aspects of the College and information on costs.
  • For Parents who wish to continue with the admission process, they must cancel the evaluation per student. The cost is reported in the virtual chat.
  • Once said value is canceled, the form will be sent to be filled out in its entirety and the appointment for the admission exam will be assigned to the student. Or you can download it from this page and you can pay it in cash at the College at the gate, notifying us of the day and time they would pass.
  • On the date assigned for said exam, the student must appear with the completed form and recent photo. At the end of the evaluation, the date and time for the delivery of results will be delivered to the parents.
  • The test can be solved in person or virtually. To solve the test virtually, you must have a gmail email to receive the test and develop it online. 3 fundamental areas will be evaluated: language, math, English. For each test there will be a maximum of 35 min.
  • In delivering the results of said assessment, the parents will be explained what is the process to follow for the enrollment of new students, and what are the necessary documents and requirements that must be met.


For the admission of the student it is important to consider the following documentation:

  • Form of Admission properly hastened to machine with photo.
  • Civil registry, children majors of 7 years Photocopies of Identity card.
  • Vaccination certificate for Pre-school.
    Medical certificate.
  • Visual and Auditory examination.
  • A complete Bulletin of the Academic Registry.
  • Certificate of schooling of approved years.
  • Safe and peace of the previous School.
  • Three photographies.

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