Objectives and Acknowledgments

30 years educating for excellence

We are Icfes A + Very Superior and Ibero-American Award for educational excellence



To form an Educative Community integrated by, the Parents of Family, the Professors, the students, the administrative personnel and of services, that propose the integral development, within a style of Customized Education. 


To present/display a cosmovisión of the man, history, the world, the life and the knowledge in the light of the Gospel, by means of religious education and the Christian commitment. 


To consider to educating like reason of being of the School and the center of its educative action, and a future leader of the Colombian society. 


To orient to educating so that he takes brings back to consciousness of his value like person, like agent of his own development, being social, active, singular, independent, analytical and important. 


To interpret the schedules, programs and norms like important instruments for the formation of responsibility and discipline habits, with a view to one more a more fraternal coexistence within a society in which we are called to live. 


To generate pedagogical and educative spaces for the experience of values – Eisenhoweristas, the investigation and the Didactics.


To prepare to educate so that he is able to give new answers to new situations, in a world of constant change. To advance concrete plans of social and communitarian aid that involves the educative community.

To obtain that educating assumes with responsibility its vocation of citizen and the civic and political commitment; that he is the promoter of the development of the human community, especially in the field of social justice, with a conscious and shared in common attitude against the poverty situations that affect great sectors of the country. To propose means so that educating values takes advantage of to the maximum science, the technique and modern mass media, like the resources to construct a better world.



Ibero-American Award for Educational Excellence granted by the Ibero-American Council.

Quality certification in education and training EFQM European model of excellence awarded by ITE CECE.

Ethical seal seal awarded by FENALCO

Agreements and recognitions

Ex-Student Eisenhower College, Current student University Reading, United Kingdom.

We train and develop excellent students and and human beings. 

We achieve academic excellence by teaching logical and rational thought processes with an analysis of the different topics discussed in the classes.

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